WINTER 2018!

2018 Winter Champs Guard Recaps
2018 Winter Champs Percussion Recaps
2018 Winter Champs L Pattern Mace Recaps
2018 Winter Champs L Pattern Military Recaps
2018 Winter Champs Field Conducting Recaps

Foothill Conducting Recap
Foothill Guard Recap
Foothill  Mace Recap
Foothill Military Recap
Foothill Percussion Recap
Benicia Guard Recap
Benicia Percussion Recap
Granada Fiesta Winter Guard Recap
Granada Fiesta Winter Percussion Recap
Livermore Winter Guard Recap
Livermore Winter Percussion Recap
Del Oro Winter Guard Recap
Del Oro Winter Percussion Recap
Woodcreek Winter Field Cond Recaps
Woodcreek Winter Guard Recaps
Woodcreek Winter Mace Recaps
Woodcreek Winter Military Recaps
Woodcreek Winter Percussion Recaps
Vallejo Classic – Drum Major FC Recap
Vallejo Classic – Drum Major Mace Recap
Vallejo Classic Drum Major Military
Vallejo Classic Guard Recap
 Vallejo Classic Percussion Recap
Fairfield Field Conducting Recap
Fairfield Full Guard Recaps 
Fairfield Full Percussion Recaps
Fairfield Mace Recap
Fairfield Military Recap

San Mateo 2018_DM_Field_Conducting_Recap
San Mateo 2018_DM_L_Pattern_Mace_Recap
San Mateo 2018_DM_L_Pattern_Military_Recap
San Mateo 2018_Guard_Recap
San Mateo 2018_Percussion_Recap

Mission San Jose Drum Major Mace
Mission San Jose Drum Major Military
Mission San Jose Field Conducting
Mission San Jose Guard Recap
Mission San Jose Percussion Recap

Armijo 2018 Winter Review Guard Recap
Armijo 2018 Winter Review Percussion Recap

Rodiriguez Winter Review Field Conducting
Rodiriguez Winter Review Guard
Rodiriguez Winter Review Mace
Rodiriguez Winter Review Military
Rodiriguez Winter Review Percussion

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