Q. Can I host an NCBA Event?

A. Probably. There are policies and circumstances that govern our acceptance of your event as an NCBA sanctioned event. There are several different types of events, and some are only judged by the NCBA, while others are actually sponsored by the NCBA.

Band Reviews/Field Show Competitions: These are only judged by the NCBA, not hosted. If you would like the NCBA to judge your field show or band review, submit an event application with Rowland Nielson and the board of directors will decide if it is practical to judge your event. Practically depends on two things, regional location and, most importantly, judges availability for that date. If we don’t have the judges, we can’t do it! See the Parade & Field Hosting Procedures for more information.

Large Ensemble/Jazz Festivals: These are co-hosted by the NCBA at your site. The NCE currently hosts one large ensemble festival on a rotating site basis, but if you would like to have an NCBA Festival in your area, contact Rowland Nielson.

Solo & Ensemble Festival: S & E Festivals are hosted by the school judged by the NCBA, please contact Rowland Nielson if you wish to host a S & E Festival.

Winter Guard/Percussion Show: These events are hosted by individual schools, but on the NCBR Winter Circuit. There are a very limited number of dates available, and judges are at a premium on these dates. Please submit an event application to Rowland Nielson and we will advise you on any possible openings in this crowded schedule.

Winter Guard/Percussion Championships: Winter Championships are sponsored by the NCBA, and performed at volunteer venues. The organization and the NCBA share costs and profits. The NCBA is looking primarily for so more or all of these factors when choosing a host of this large and prestigious event:

  • Director/Boosters who have hosted other NCBR events and have a proven track record of success doing so.
  • Has hosted a regular season Winter Show before.
  • Has a winter guard and/or winter percussion unit on the NCBA circuit.
  • Has two full size gymnasiums and appropriate warm up areas for the shows (1st choice), OR has two full size gymnasiums on two separate but closely related sites (2nd choice). NCBA must also take into consideration the location of the school, parking facilities, etc. An on-site inspection of the school is usually required by the board.

Q. I have performed at an NCBA event and have some concerns about the running of the event and/or the judging of my ensemble. What do I do?

A. At every NCBA event there is an “event critique” form included with your results packet. Please fill it out and submit it. The Head Judges panel will review it carefully. We promise it will be viewed and action will be considered by the board.

The NCBA is constantly seeking to improve its judging and judging consistency. Please realize though that this an EDUCATIONALLY BASED ORGANIZATION, and that our policies on judging may or may not reflect those of other organizations who’s primary concern is to determine “winners and losers.”

Our goal is to provide an educational experience which results in improvement of the groups and students performing, while rewarding exceptional results.

We also carefully monitor events that we judge, even those that we are not hosting. If an event continues to have organizational problems that are not addressed, the NCBA reserves the right to refuse to judge that event in the future. We have extensive mentoring procedures to help events improve their organization to see that this does not happen.

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