Rules & Regulations for NCBA Events

Here you will find all of the most current rules for NCBA competitions. Simply click on the links below to get an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf) that you can view, download, or print.

Band Review Rules – Download

Field Show Rules – Download
UPDATE!  The classifications for FIELD SHOW were changed at the general membership meeting on June 6, 2015.  This change supersedes those listed in the download above.

Classification is based on ALL student performers on the field including guard/auxiliaries, pit, drum major, winds and battery.
Class A =  1-50
Class 2A = 51-70
Class 3A = 71-90
Class 4A = 91-120
Class 5A = 121-150
Class 6A (open)  150+
As previously, directors may choose to compete in “Open” class, otherwise they are to compete in the class based on the numbers above.
Directors are reminded to confirm their numbers with the show hosts at the beginning of the school year.
Also, as per past practice, show hosts may use these classifications for street competitions.
Concert & Jazz Competition Rules – Download
Festival Concert & Jazz Band Rules – Download
Winterguard Rules – Winterguard Rules and Regulations – as of Winter 2017
Winter Percussion Rules – Winter Percussion Rules and Regulations – as of Winter 2017
Solo Drum Major Competition Rules – Winter Drum Major Rules and Regulations – as of Winter 2017

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